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Forget Fad Diets, This is a Nutritionist's Guide to Losing Weight

There are many reasons that people may find themselves wanting or needing to lose weight, be it for health or vanity. But when it comes to losing weight, we’re not ones for fads. So, in search of the best ways to shed a few kilograms safely and sensibly, we decided to consult Sangamithra GV (@sangamithragv_nutritionist), an accredited nutritionist and dietitian.


Hit That Snooze Button

Have you heard of World Sleep Day? Created and driven by the World Sleep Society, World Sleep Day is an internationally recognised awareness event to bring cognisance to the many burdens of sleep problems and the importance of healthy sleep. This year, World Sleep Day falls on 19 March 2021, a Friday giving you the weekend to fix your sleep.


Beauty Tools and Accessories for Busy Mums

Easily achieve your skincare goals this year with these affordable beauty tools. Great for busy mums, these deliver indulgent, spa-level cleansing and facial treatments within just minutes, at your own convenience in the comfort of your home.


7 Ways to Empower Yourself and Other Mums

Being a mum is hard work. Often, I think the dream situation is being a devoted and dedicated stay at home mother, and I truly envy those mothers with the patience and ability to do so. Yet other times, I wish I could dash out the door the moment my kids start acting up. We have heard it a million times, yes motherhood is a hard job, but somehow through the tantrums and sleepless nights, it is definitely the most rewarding.



20 Simple Acts To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

While there might be generic ways to bring the sexy back in the bedroom with intimate lifestyle products, igniting that spark takes a little bit more intent and conscious effort. It’s surprising just how that little spark is important for keeping a forever relationship from turning into a friendship. Here are 20 simple ways to get those butterflies in your stomach active once again.


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts to Show Mum Your Love

Stocking up on essentials for your children? Shop for your mum’s or wife’s Valentine’s Day gifts at the same time under one roof at Motherswork, whether online or instore. Here are some of our top gifts to pamper mums this Valentine’s Day.


12 New Year Resolutions Every Couple Should Make for 2022

2022 is here and if you’ve yet to plan for the year, now it’s as good a time as ever. New Year resolutions have always had a bad rap for being futile and let’s face it, when you’re halfway trudging into the year, you might have totally forgotten about what you had set out to do in the first place. However, resolutions can prove advantageous as they give you a chance to reflect on what’s important, move in a positive direction, and focus on achievable goals.


Setting Goals and New Year’s Resolutions with Your Child

New Year’s resolutions allow us to reflect and set goals for ourselves for the year ahead. They are great in helping us track our progress and stay on track to achieve our personal goals and become better versions of ourselves. But we know – sticking to resolutions and following through on them is going to be tough. While this is a good habit of starting with children, how can we help them stick to their resolutions? Here are some tips.


Legacies from Our Favourite Mums to Their Kids

Our favourite mums give their insights on the legacies they’d like to leave to their children. This Mother’s Day, our mums share their thoughts on leaving their legacies behind for their kids. These include their parenting philosophies, their work ethos, and the lessons that they want to pass on to their children.


Motherhood Diaries

The Motherhood Diaries - Velda Tan

Velda Tan, founder of iconic fashion brand in Singapore, Our Second Nature, opens up about her heartfelt journey in battling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), juggling work and family as well as what motherhood means to her in the fourth edition of The Motherhood Diaries.


The Motherhood Diaries - Dawn Marie Toh

2 April is World Autism Awareness Day and in this series of Motherhood Diaries, professional musician and mum of three, Dawn Marie Toh, sheds light about her childhood, love for music, and motherhood journey with her youngest, Sidney, who is diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay.


The Motherhood Diaries - Yi Lian Ng

From the glitzy life of a fashion editor to being a floral designer with her own atelier, Yilian reveals, in our third edition of The Motherhood Diaries, why she made the big career leap, how it feels to be a stepmum and her relationship with her husband and stepchildren.


The Motherhood Diaries: Jing Jin

In our second feature of The Motherhood Diaries, Jing Jin candidly shares about how it’s like growing up in China, fighting taboos when she set up ZaZaZu, and her drive to help women establish intrinsic confidence.


The Motherhood Diaries - Tjin Lee

“There are no handbooks for successful parenting through this chapter, perhaps we will be the ones to write them one day. We are all learning as we go.” In the first article of The Motherhood Diaries, Tjin Lee opens up about her emotional motherhood journey during these Covid times in a touching self-penned reflection.



Motherswork Membership - Everything You Need to Know

Delve into the best mummy and baby membership in town, and avail of exclusive member perks with Motherswork’s carefully curated partners. Learn how you can earn points to offset your future purchases, get additional discounts, and even have a personalised PARtea with your closest friends.


Everything You Need to Know About IVF in Singapore

If you’ve blocked tubes, or endometriosis with small cysts, you may want to consider in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) to conceive a child. Here’s what you need to know about doing the procedure in Singapore.


Going Online - The New Normal Way We Shop

While the Circuit Breaker is over, Phase One of the government’s measures for safe reopening are still fairly conservative. Even though student care centres, preschools and schools have reopened, retail and dining outlets are still closed. As such, businesses - ranging from events, food, workout studios and retail outlets - have all embraced a “new normal” way of life online. This includes directly ordering via WhatsApp, Zoom video calls, or even Facebook Live Auctions.