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Breast Pump Accessories

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Pigeon Breastpads Comfyfeel - 60 pieces
LaVie Lactation Massager
LaVie Warming Lactation Massage Pads
Sold Out
Elvie Pump Seals (2 pack)
Medela Personal Flex Breast Shield
Medela Contact Nipple Shield
Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump Cap
Avent Breast Pads
Elvie Pump Breast Shields, 24mm (2 pack)
Elvie Trainer
Sold Out
Elvie Pump Bottles (3 pack)
Medela Safe & Dry Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads - 30pcs
Pigeon Breast Pad Premium Care 102 Pcs
Haakaa Breast Feeding Nipple Shield
Medela PersonalFit Flex Connector - 2 pcs
Elvie Pump Breast Shields, 28mm (2 pack)
Hegen Flange (SoftSqround) 19/22/25/28/31mm (2-pack)
Pigeon Natural Feel Silicone Nipple Shield Size 2
Hegen Valve (2-pack)
Hegen Silicone Tubing (2-Pack)
LaVie Lactation Massage Roller
Hegen eCap & eDiaphragm (SoftSqround™)
Pigeon Natural Feel Silicone Nipple Shield Size 3
Hegen PCTO™ Pump Body (SoftSqround™)
Elvie Stride Breast Shields (2 pack)
Elvie Stride Cups (2 pack)
Elvie Stride Diaphragms (2 pack)
Medela Valve & Membrane
Medela Swing Flex Upgrade Kit
Medela Maxi Flex Upgrade Kit
Elvie Stride Valves (3 pack)
Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector
Pigeon Flexible Peristaltic Nipple Blister Pack, 2 Pc/Set (LL) 12m+
Haakaa Gen3 Silicone Bottle Sealing Disk (2 Pack)
Hegen Manual Breast Pump Diaphragm (SoftSqround™)
Medela Flex Swing Maxi Tubing
Philips Avent Wean With Me Bundle
Pigeon GoMini™ Plus Electric Breast Pump (Double)
Hegen Manual Breast Pump Handle (SoftSqround™)
Philips Avent Feed With Me Bundle