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VIP Program

Which are the participating stores under the motherswork VIP programme?

The participating stores under motherswork VIP programme are:  
- motherswork @ Great World City #02-118
- motherswork @ Tanglin Mall #03-15
- Online

Valid only in Singapore. Mothers Work Pte Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the list of participating outlets without prior notice.

How do I become a member of motherswork VIP programme?

Simply spend $300 in a single receipt at any of our participating stores or $600 within 3 months from your first purchase!

What are the VIP Membership fees and validity?

VIP Membership is free and valid for 12 months.

What are the requirements to apply for the motherswork VIP programme?

Any person aged 18 or above can qualify for the motherswork VIP programme.

Why does the motherswork VIP programme require my personal information for registration?

Mobile numbers / Email Address will serve as the unique identifier for all motherswork VIP membership accounts. This also safeguards the member’s rewards and perks to minimise misuse by other persons.

Motherswork respects the privacy of all our members, and is committed to safeguard the personal information you provide to us.

How do I update my personal particulars?

You may contact 6846 1835 or head down to any of the participating stores.

What's the birthday voucher?

We'll email you a $30 discount on your birthday month!

Inner Circle VIP Program

How do I become a member of motherswork Inner Circle VIP Program?

Spend $1,500 single receipt OR
Purchase $1,500 in vouchers

What benefits do I get under motherswork Inner Circle VIP Program?

Inner Circle VIP members are entitled to all benefits of motherswork VIP program.
Inner Circle VIP Members can also organize a 1 time PARtea at Motherswork@Great World
(within 1 month of becoming Inner Circle VIP Member)

- Afternoon Tea
- Personal Shopping (up to 5 people)
- VIP membership extended to guests
- Goodie Bags for guests
- Personalized Gift for Host

Membership Rewards & Privileges

What benefits do I get under the motherswork VIP programme?

VIP members are entitled to a 10% off regular and non-price controlled products.
All members will earn points for every dollar spent.

How can I check my membership validity, expiry of my privileges and rewards?

To check the membership validity, expiry of any privileges and rewards, simply contact 6846 1835 head down to any of the participating stores.

How can I identify myself as a motherswork VIP member?

You may provide your mobile number to our staff to retrieve your membership information and to enjoy your membership privileges.


Can I enjoy my motherswork VIP membership privileges at motherswork stores outside of singapore? E.g. motherswork in shanghai or beijing.

The motherswork VIP membership programme is valid only in Singapore.

Is my motherswork VIP membership transferable?

Membership accounts and all points, privileges, rewards, and perks are strictly non-transferrable. In the event that a member wishes to discontinue her motherswork VIP membership, she may opt to terminate it.

How do I renew my motherswork VIP membership?

Your motherswork VIP membership will be automatically renewed with a minimum spend of $300 within the 12 month membership period

Earning & redemption of motherswork points

What are motherswork points and how do I earn them?

Motherswork points are rebates that members earn based on their spending at participating motherswork outlets.
1 Point is earned every $1 spent.

Register as member at any motherswork Online or Offline stores to start accumulating points.

If I spent $70, how many motherswork points do I earn?

70 Points will be earned for a purchase of $70.

How can I utilise my motherswork points

Points must be redeemed fully in 1 transaction, partial redemption is not allowed.
Members must be physically present at the point of purchase in order to redeem any membership privileges including redemption of motherswork points. Combining multiple membership accounts or splitting the bill to redeem membership privileges is not allowed.

Rewards can be redeemed by clicking on the "Giftbox" icon on the bottom left hand corner of the web page.
Please ensure that you are logged in to your account.


- Members may also use motherswork points to redeem other rewards in accordance with prevailing offers or programmes, subject to availability.

Can I use my points earned online to get a discount in stores(offline)?

No, you cannot use the points earned online to get a discount for an offline purchase directly.

Instead, you may choose to redeem your online points via the Rewards system online for a discount code.
The discount code can be used to purchase Motherswork Gift Vouchers (Offline use only) , once you've received the Motherswork Gift Vouchers you may use it for offline store purchases.

If my total bill is $88.80 (for example), how many points will i need to offset 100% of my bill?

You may opt to redeem 8,800 points and pay $0.80 in cash. (please note that motherswork points cannot be exchanged for cash)

How can I check my motherswork points?

To check your motherswork points, you may contact 6846 1835 or head down to any of the participating stores.

Ensure that you are logged into your account, click on the "Gift" icon on the bottom left hand corner of the web page to view your current points.

Will my motherswork points expire if I do not utilise them by the end of the membership validity?

Yes. All points earned will expire together with 12-month membership validity. Upon VIP membership auto-renewal, all balance loyalty point will reset to zero. When VIP membership expires, all balance loyalty points will be terminated.

No. Membership points will not expire for points earned on motherswork Estore.

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