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Infant (3 to 12 months)

Infant - Care

Babyproofing Your Home - Keep Your Infants and Toddlers Safe

Babyproof your home and keep your infants safe from the various hazards around the house, including the kitchen, bathroom and windows. Secure large items like the television to prevent it falling on your infant as he explores the home.


Top Newborn and Baby Must-Haves for 2022

As we welcome 2022, here are the latest must-haves from Motherswork. Some of these include Milton's sterilising and cleaning essentials. Additionally, make meal prep a breeze with Babymoov's multifunctional prep machine. Also, help your baby strengthen her muscles with playmats and gyms from Lollibly and Taf Toys. Furthermore, get started on your Lunar New Year outfit shopping with Sea Apple’s latest Tiger-themed collection.


First Aid for Babies - Tips Every Parent Should Know

Learn how to care for your little ones when they have minor injuries, and when it’s time to bring your child to see his paediatrician. Our experts, certified First Aid instructors Natasha Cullen and Haney Rahman, share their expertise on keeping your babies safe at home.


Safe Toys for Children - From Babies to Preschoolers

When choosing toys, follow the manufacturers’ age recommendations even if you think your child is a genius or developmentally advanced. These guidelines ensure your child can engage with the toy, and that you've chosen a safe toy.


Fear In Kids: An Age By Age Guide

From separation anxiety, to real world disasters, to scary monsters, kids will go through a whole slew of fears from the time they are born all the way to adolescence. Here’s our age by age guide to the more common fears in kids and ways in which you can help them.


9 Things to Know about Bathing Babies

Bath time can be a great bonding experience for parents and babies. Yet, it could also be a stressful situation filled with anxiety for parents who are not sure how to do it well and afraid of dropping or choking their babies on water.


Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Aside from putting your infant to sleep on his/her back, learn how to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). You can take several precautions to reduce your baby’s risk of SIDS in his/her first six months of life.


Teething and Good Dental Hygiene for Your Babies and Toddlers

If you notice your baby drooling a lot, being more irritable than usual, chewing on solid objects and rubbing his/her face, he/she may be teething. He/she may also drink less than usual and cry a lot more, heart-rending especially for first-time parents.


Dental Health Essentials for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Minimise the likelihood of your child getting tooth decay by starting good oral habits from birth, such as tongue cleaning and brushing your little one’s teeth. Try these dental health essentials from Motherswork to care for your children’s oral health.


Infant On-The-Go

Clek Car Seats - Designed by Parents for Parents

Proudly designed and engineered in Canada and North America, Clek car seats are incredibly safe, stylish and comfortable. Even better, they're chemical and flame-retardant free and recyclable.


Baby Carriers - What You Should Know

Carrying little ones in baby carriers? Learn what to take into consideration before making the purchase and how to keep them safe. Keeping your baby close to you in a wrap or similar carrier promotes bonding and boosts your oxytocin levels.


13 Baby Carriers for Your Newborn - Part 1

In this first part of the series, explore the various types of baby carriers, such as the soft sided and the Mei Tai options. Keep your little one close to you with baby carriers like the MOBY Move. Babywear your newborn and infant in these soft-sided and Mei Tai baby carriers.


13 Baby Carriers Part 2 - Wraps, Sling Rings and for Infants

Other options for babywearing include sling rings, wraps and infant baby carriers. Learn how to safely wear them for optimal comfort. Let your little one explore the world from the safety of a baby carrier, such as this one from Phil & Teds. In the second part of the series, check out the various baby wraps, ring slings as well as carriers for infants.


Diaper Bag Essentials for Your First Outing With Your Baby

Whether you're visiting your child's paediatrician or a much-needed lunch with friends, here's what you need in your diaper bag. Find out what essentials you should take along with you on your first foray into the outside world with your baby.


Infant - Development

Baby sign language you can teach your infant

Aside from learning your baby’s non-verbal cues, teaching him/her basic sign language can help you understand his/her needs better. This is particularly useful when your baby reaches about nine months to two years old. During this time, his/her vocabulary may be growing but still limited, thus sign language may aid you in understanding what he/she wants.


Developmental Milestones - Newborn to 1 Year

As your newborn grows, he/she will unlock plenty of major achievements, such as in their movements, developing their cognitive abilities, hearing and vision. Teach your baby how to develop essential skills like language by reading to him/her.


Infant - Play

Easy DIY Activities for Infants and Toddlers

Try these low to no-prep DIY activities for your infants and toddlers. These use objects you already have in your home, and are quick to set up and clean up. Better still, they help your child’s fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive development, all while giving you time to drink your coffee. Just don’t be surprised if they choose to do the activity their own ways.


Infant - Eat

Weaning and Introducing Solids to Your Baby

Introduce your child to a wide array of age-appropriate solids, while slowly weaning your baby off breast milk. After breastfeeding your baby for the first six months, you can start gradually weaning him/her and starting him/her on solids, so they can get vitamins and minerals not found in breastmilk.


Weaning Your Baby - How and When to Start

When your baby reaches her half-birthday, you can also unlock another milestone in her life - introducing her to solids and starting baby weaning. According to the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, babies should preferably be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life if possible. Of course, you should supplement with formula milk if necessary.


Baby Led Weaning - Tips, Tricks and Asian Recipes

Starting your baby on solids? Here’s what to be aware of, and some tips and tricks to make mealtimes a lot easier, as well as some Asian baby led weaning recipes.


Pacifier - Benefits, Safety and Weaning

Although pacifier use in infancy is encouraged, it's best to wean your child off the pacifier between two to four years old, or even earlier. Help your baby safely use a pacifier and then as he/she grows older, gradually reduce his/her reliance on it.


Infant - Skin Care

Baby Skincare - Caring for your Infant's Sensitive Skin

Dress your baby in light, breathable fabrics and avoid ingredients that might irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Take care of your infant’s delicate skin with these baby skincare products, as well as tips on what to do and what to avoid.


Identifying Baby Skin Conditions

Help your little one care for her delicate skin by learning about these common skin conditions and how to treat them. Some of the common skin conditions that your baby might have include dry skin, as well as birthmarks and diaper rash. Learn how to prevent some of these conditions, where possible, and also to treat them.


Infant - Sleep

Sleep Aids for Babies and Toddlers to Sleep Better

Need to try and catch up on your sleep debt brought on by parenthood? Here are some sleep aids, methods, and sleeping arrangements that may help. Of course, your mileage may vary, so safely do what works for your family.


Tips To Help Baby Sleep Better

Are you ready more than ever to take back your nights? We heard you! Gone are the days where you swoon over baby in the wee hours of the morning. Now all you wish is that your little bub will sleep throughout the night, fast. Not to worry, you’re not alone and all new parents have been there! Here are our mum and expert-approved sure-fire ways to help your baby sleep better and for longer stretches at a time. Sleep, here we come!