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This column features unedited advice from experts and professionals, or first-hand accounts and experiences shared from people who have lived the life and walked the talk.

Dr. Annabelle Chow, Clinical Psychologist

Tips on How Not to Kill your Spouse After Kids

With all the stresses life throws at you, the last thing you want is to be at your partner’s throat. It seems almost impossible to balance your household, job, and family. Then there are the biological changes; hormonal changes, physical and emotional recovery after childbirth, and along with that the changes to your sleep patterns having children causes. Not forgetting the emotionally draining, time-consuming, job of raising your children! All of this influences your thinking patterns and contributes to the way you interact in your relationships.

Establishing realistic boundaries and expectations with your partner can help carve a map in the journey that is your relationship.

Here are some tips to keep you from tearing your spouse’s head off!