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Mother's Day Special: Interview With Tania Boh

Posted on May 08 2024


Hi there, my name is Tania.

I am a mom of 6 kids, 2 boys and 4 girls (How many boys and girls) , aged between 14 and 4. I've always wanted 4 kids. We were always open to having more children, though having a pair of twins caught us by surprise but they were welcome additions to the family.

I'm currently a stay at home mom. (I hold a real estate license though but am a rather inactive real estate agent)

I had my first child at 28 yo and my last at 38 yo and I'm done!!!

My parenting style is :

Three words to describe my motherhood journey are:
Love, Joy, Fatigue 😝

1. Did you always want to have a big family? And why?

Yes. I am the eldest of four kids so I am used to a big family.

2. Are there any fears you have as a mom of multiple children.
Yes, that I will not be able to spend enough time with each of them.
T-hat we won’t have enough money or resources to allow our kids to pursue their interests.

3. If you are working, tell us how you juggle that with your family life, and what a day in your life looks like. And if you're a sahm, tell us about what you used to do before you made the switch, and what your day typically looks like.
My last job was a sales role in a pharmaceutical company, I was out driving to the different GPs selling products the whole day from 830 am-630 pm.

4. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood, and can you describe a time you felt that way? How did you navigate through it?
I feel it all the time! Especially when everyone wants/need my attention all at once! I just have to recognise I’m not perfect and apologise to my children if I handled them poorly. It’s also important to have ME time - for sanity and peace of mind.

5. How do balance nurturing your children's individuality while fostering a sense of unity within your family?
This is hard, i’m still trying to figure this out to be honest. Every child is different and we allow them to try out all the different sports/arts and I guess eventually they will choose what they like/dislike. To foster a sense of unity, we try to have as much family time together, especially during public holidays. We also try to go on family holidays at least once a year.

6. What sacrifices have you made for your children, and do you have any regrets?
Quitting my job and being a full time mom. No regrets at all!

7. What has been the toughest challenge in your life as a mom? And how did you get through that?
Toughest challenge would be to be fair to all my children! it’s almost impossible but I do the best i can! all children are want to tell equally loved by their parents! I try to spend one on one time with them! I used to that with each of my older four kids every week before covid struck and then I had the twins in march 2020. i guess it’s not too late to start again now.

8. Can you share a moment when you felt immense pride in your role as a mother? Or can you look back on a moment where you've thought, this was all worth it.
When I see my children being helpful or helping to take care of my friend’s younger children when we have a play date, or when they are kind/generous/polite to other people like the road sweepers, cleaners, security guards, foreign workers, it gives me a sense of pride! This is what is important in life.

 9. Looking back on your journey, what advice would you give to other mothers who may be facing similar challenges? (Or debating whether or not to have more children.)
You will never have enough time, enough money, a big enough house to have more children! 🤣 You just have to trust that you can make do along the way and adjust as you have more kids. Cut down on enrichment/tuition and don’t be influenced by peer pressure!