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Zazu Ocean Projector with Music & Sound Sensor (Cody the Crab)

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Meet Cody!
Cody the Crab is a soothing musical projector from the award-winning Zazu brand that turns your child’s room into a magical moving underwater world. 360 degree projections of moving waves and swimming fish with relaxing ocean sounds, creates a comforting and relaxing environment for your little one to calmly fall asleep.

Whenever your child wakes up, and you've turned the sound sensor on, Cody will automatically reactivate to help your child fall back asleep, so that the parents can also enjoy their well-deserved rest.

You as a parent may too find yourself enjoying the peaceful ocean world being projected!


  • 3 Step Sleep Programme: The award-winning 3 step sleep program helps sleep train your little one by lowering the animation in 3 stages. Over the duration of 30 minutes the projections and music will slowly turn off for a serene and quiet sleep. The projector will automatically shut off after 30 minutes.
  • 3 Soothing Melodies: Play soothing melodies while watching underwater soothing projections. Music options are: ocean, heartbeat or lullabies. The projector & music will automatically shut off after 30 minutes.
  • Cry Sensor: Cody the Crab can automatically start playing its undersea projections and/or soothing music when it detects crying. | Choose between 2 volume settings: Loud and Soft.
  • Cordless & Portable: This musical nursery projector is portable and powered by 3 AA batteries (batteries are not included).
  • Washable Cover: soft cover of the toy is removable and washable.