Wo(Mum) - Living My Life As a Warrior, Woman and Mum

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Wo(Mum) - Living My Life As a Warrior, Woman and Mum

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She’s built a chain of successful mother and baby stores in Singapore and China, is a loving wife and mother to three grown-up children and has become a mentor to budding female entrepreneurs. In this deeply personal book, Sharon Wong, founder, and CEO of Motherswork, shares her refreshing and authentic approach to managing her time and prioritizing the demands of a high-flying career and family.

Wo(Mum) traces Sharon’s early days growing up in Ipoh, how her role as a tax and treasury director at an MNC sparked the idea for Motherswork (which forever changed the way mothers shop for baby products), and the meteoric rise of her company. This book is much more than just a retail story; it is the story of a woman whose vision and grit made her a role model for women in all industries—a woman who dreamed big, fought hard to have it all, broke the rules, and loved passionately along the way.

Written for entrepreneurs, women seeking to advance at work, or anyone grappling with work-life balance, Sharon’s book offers solid advice and inspiration that you will be able to take and apply to your life… immediately. Womum



Sharon Wong has over 25 years of experience in building brands. Her dedication to searching for baby products to provide the best environment to keep her babies safe and happy whilst balancing career and quality time with them led to the creation of Motherswork, 23 years ago.

Motherswork is an extension of Sharon, who is a mother of three, created to partner women as they journey through motherhood; from the moment they discover their pregnancies and hold their babies for the first time to sending their children off to school, and all the little adventures in between. Motherswork is a Communicator of expertise, a Provider of convenience, and a Creator of experience with mothers and their babies.

When Sharon is not busy searching the world for the next best baby product, she travels with her husband and three children, Alexandra, Nicola, and Timothy. As a parent, Sharon strongly believes that exposing the children to different cultures open minds and stamp out ignorance. They are loved unconditionally, are taught to be kind, courageous and the best they can be.


Can women have it all? Absolutely—Sharon is living proof. From her modest origins in Ipoh, to climbing the corporate ladder to founding Motherswork, to raising three talented and gifted children, whatever Sharon does, she does it with a fire in her belly and a belief that nothing is impossible.

Whether you are a mum or not, Sharon lays bare her soul and dishes out nuggets of wisdom and experience that will steer you in the right direction. Informative, captivating and inspirational, it is a delightful read and an amazing juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability throughout.

Wy-Lene Yap

Founder and Managing Editor, High Net Worth

I knew about Motherswork way before I knew the woman behind the success. I have been a customer for over 12 years, and Motherswork has been an instrumental part of my motherhood journey. So when I finally met Sharon in 2016, I realized why I’d been an ardent fan of this brand, returning again and again to stock up on what my children need as they grow.

Sharon represents the best of what Motherswork is about—the unrelenting pursuit of quality, commitment to excellence and uncompromising drive to improve the lives of mothers everywhere. But what struck me most about this tireless dynamo is how she is always a mum first before she is a businesswoman. Her ability to balance her family life with her work commitments is truly admirable. When she is not in the boardroom, on the retail floor or jet-setting to and from China and Singapore, she can be found in the kitchen baking her famous cookies. She has also produced hundreds of these cookies for fundraisers and charities, or simply to warm the hearts and fill the tummies of family and loved ones. I count myself lucky to be a regular recipient of her famous bakes.

This is the Sharon I know—crunchy on the outside, but soft and gooey on the inside like her cookies. She is filled with the goodness that makes her a loyal, generous and warm friend that you can always count on.

This book is a testament to what has made her the steely and shrewd, yet maternal and loving woman she is today. It is an autobiography and a resource for budding entrepreneurs, and a guide for mothers grappling with their multi-tasking realities. It is an inspiring story about reaching for your dreams, overcoming challenges and winning the entrepreneurial game.

Dolores Au

Chief Executive Mummy, Mummyfique Co-Founder and CMO, Keisuke Ramen USA

There are many women who succeed, but few who truly lead and influence beyond their circles. Sharon is that for women in Singapore. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, she goes out of her way to bring strong female leaders in Singapore together to bond, to network and most importantly, to genuinely help and care for one another.

She does so sincerely and with passion. I’m glad she wrote this book to share her journey and passion—it should be one for all women, young and old, to read and be inspired by.

Nuraliza Osman

Managing Counsel Asia, M&A, Shell

When I think of a woman I look up to and hope to emulate, I think of ‘Momma’ Sharon, as I affectionately call her. And when I think of the qualities that make her so very special, they would be that she is a generous friend, a loving mother and a fiercely loyal warrior, be it at home or the workplace. I speak for many women who have been taken under Sharon’s care, and guided and mentored to be the mother that they want to be.

Her thoughtfulness and generosity never fail to inspire all who have had the privilege to cross paths with her, or scored an invite to one of her dinner parties. Having come from the school of hard knocks, and survived more than 20 years of entrepreneurship in a competitive industry, I can’t think of anyone who balances life and passion in a more elegant and resilient manner than her.

Thank you for generously sharing your life and advice in this book, ‘Momma’ Sharon.

Velda Tan

Founder and Creative Director Our Second Nature


Sharon Wong is the epitome of a modern-day female entrepreneur, who has built a reputable company based on grit, focus and determination while having three kids. From her humble beginnings to becoming a premium retailer of mother, baby and kids’ products, this book reveals the motivations and philosophies that inform her decisions, shaping her path to success.

As a mentor, Sharon has been instrumental in the growth and development of my own brand, and gave me my first break when I was just starting out. I am sure she has done the same for countless others, establishing the notion that behind every strong woman is another strong woman.  

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and learning to craft their own story. May you make a difference to others the way Sharon has to me.

Yvon Bock

Founder and CEO, Hegen Pte Ltd

Sharon is truly one of the most positive, strong and determined women I have had the pleasure and honour to know. A master at juggling business and motherhood, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this autobiography is filled with top-notch insights and advice to help mothers be their best selves.

A Godsend to me and a friend you can always count on, she’s got too much generosity and kindness to go unnoticed.

Sabrina Tan

Founder and CEO, Skin Inc

I first met Sharon at a Women of Worth dinner that she hosted at her home. Immediately, I was wowed by her culinary skills and attention to detail—from the table setting and lighting to the floral arrangement and music. No stone was left unturned, creating a dining experience like no other. It wasn’t long before she became a friend and one of my biggest role models. Her take-the-bull-by-the horns attitude and grounding presence are her most distinctive traits that make her a leading light in the mother and baby industry. Despite how busy she is, Sharon is magnanimous with her time, and supports female entrepreneurs, especially mom entrepreneurs like me. This book documents her experiences of the roles that have moulded her life to date, and serves as a guide on how to navigate work and parenting.

Yah-Leng Yu

Creative Director, Foreign Policy Design

Sharon (whom I endearingly call Mama Sharon) has been a fine example and inspiration to me. She walks the talk, and paves the way for women to be seen not just as mothers but as forces to be reckoned with. Getting to know her has been a blessing and privilege, and those who feel discouraged or overwhelmed by motherhood and entrepreneurship will draw strength and comfort from this book.

Mama Sharon, you are in every essence a strong wife, mom, daughter, leader and friend.

Rachel Lim

Co-founder, Love, Bonito

Sharon is a warm and intuitive woman, whose wonderful approachability sits side by side with tremendous drive and business savvy. I can’t wait to get into her book and read more about her story. Hopefully, it will also solve the mystery of how she manages to fit in more into each day than most of us!

Elaine Yew

Senior Partner Global Senior Leadership advisory firm

In 2004, I started working with Motherswork in Singapore. At the time, I was told its elusive owner was in the USA. I looked forward to the day I finally met this powerhouse, and she certainly did not disappoint. Recently, we joined a trade association together, and when introducing ourselves I was asked why I had joined. I could only answer that it had been because Sharon had told me to! Laughter ensued, but I am serious when I say I admire everything about what she has done with her business, her work ethic and her attention to her family as a mother.

We’ve shared so much with each other, both as business leaders and mothers. Due to the COVID pandemic, neither of us has been able to travel in person to our offices in China. But Sharon has adapted, and her stores continue to grow. She’s become a social media hit for her interviews and as the ‘CEO who bakes’—and I urge everyone to read this book and learn more from this amazing mother and friend.

Alexandra Dickson Leach

Founder and CEO, The Bloom & Grow Group

In Sharon, we have a wo(mum) who is warrior, woman and mum. At once disarmingly candid and formidable, this book is a clarion call, a reflection, an inspiration and a practical response to the question of how to live a larger life—complete with the heroine’s arc of crises, sceptics and cheerleaders. And the Sharon I know wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jaelle Ang

CEO, The Great Room

Sharon Wong

WO(MUM) - Living my life as a Warrior, Woman and Mum