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Taf Toys My Feelings Crinkle Toy

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  • A crinkly double sided soft pad that can be positioned in two variations for two developmental stages.
  • This book introduces baby to five essential expressions: happy, sad, sleepy, hungry  and surprised.
  • Identifying range of emotions helps to promote emotional intelligence and baby-parent interaction whilst exploring the playful activities.
  • Your baby will have tons of fun exploring different textures and fun illustrations with the innovative My Feelings Crinkle Toy
  • Can be played with flat on the floor, when strolling outside or free-standing, which will encourage your baby to practice tummy-time
  • For Easier Development and Easier Parenting!


  • Double sided My feelings crinkle toy for 2 developmental stages. Stage 1: 0-3 months - high contrast illustrations. Stage 2: 3 months+ colorful side
  • Features vibrant illustrations, fun activities and crinkly textures
  • Aids your babies sensory development, motor skills and emotional intelligence
  • Can be used flat on the floor or free-standing for tummy time.
  • The toy is lightweight and easy to fold and even includes plastic rings so it can be attached to buggies, car seats and cots!
  • measures - mat size: 44 X 33cm, 17.3"x13"
  • suitable from birth

Development Values

  • The sweet illustrations introduce babies to facial expressions, encouraging them to identify a range of emotions, therefore strengthening their emotional intelligence.
  • The innovative toy also features high-contrast imagery which will delight the developing eyes of younger babies, whilst the brightly colored side is ideal for the later development stages.
  • This toy can be played with flat on the floor or free-standing, ensuring it is a fantastic aid to encourage babies to practice their tummy time skills, in turn strengthening their head, neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Use flat position to encourage baby to experience the sense of crinkly fabric using his hands or feet while  developing  his gross motor skills.
  • Colorful, lovable illustrations stimulate parent-baby interaction and baby's emotional intelligence.
  • As baby grows and develops, he will love exploring the playful activities and crinkly textures of the My Feelings Crinkle Toy, which will aid his sensory development and motor skills.