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Suavinex 150ml Polyamide Premium Bottle With Slow Flow Silicone Teat

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Suavinex 150 ml bottle. With Physiological SX Pro Silicone Teat, Slow Flow and Anti-Colic valve. For babies +0 months

Bottle from the new Suavinex Bonhomía collection, combine it with the new pacifiers, pacifier holders, clips and accessories from our new Premium collection

  • RESPECT THE ORAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE BABY. The SX Pro physiological teat is the definitive step towards a more natural feeding. Designed to respect the baby's oral development, the SX Pro physiological teat ensures that the tongue remains in the same position as when the baby sucks at the breast.
  • ULTRA-SOFT SANDBANDED SILICONE. It imitates the mother's nipple in texture and consistency. Get maximum flexibility to adapt to the palate
  • ANTICOLIC. Teat with Anti-colic valve, avoids discomfort such as hiccups and colic that can be derived from air intake
  • LIGHT AND STRAIGHT BOTTLE, to offer a more comfortable grip for the baby. Polyamide bottle, fully transparent plastic
  • ENDORSED BY SEOP. Teat Endorsed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry (SEOP)