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Pigeon Stage 4 Training Toothbrush 2 in 1 - 2 pcs

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● Under the care of an adult, let your baby practice brushing his teeth to clean the residue of molars and non-staple food.
● The toothbrush is designed to be brushed up to the length of the baby's molars and fits the size of the baby's mouth
● Easy to handle, soft brush handle, convenient for baby to hold, soft and tough short bristles, will not cause damage to the enamel of deciduous teeth and gums but can remove dirt.

【Bristles-made in Japan】
【Other Accessories-Thailand】

This product may contain some small parts.
Adult supervision required."

1 Toothbrush is not a toy. For safety reasons, please do not let your baby play.
2 Please use it under the care of parents, clean it after use, and store it in a dry place.
3 Please keep it out of reach of the baby after use.
4 The heat-resistant temperature of this product is 120°C.
5 It is recommended that the toothbrush should be replaced once every three months.

** As product packaging is often limited or revised if the photos are too late to be replaced, please refer to the actual product received. **