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Pigeon Mag Mag Step Up Set New Matte Colour

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  • Promote Step-by-Step Oral Development.
  • Spill-proof. Leak-proof.BPA BPS Free.
  • Package Contents: Magmag Spout Top Adaptor with Hood - 1pc, MagMag Straw Top Adaptor - 1pc, MagMag Cup - 1pc.
Product Details
  • 5months+ MagMag Step-Up Set is designed to facilitate and enhance the development of your baby's drinking skills through the offering of its interchangable drinking tops.
  • This allows a subtler transition from their favourite bottles with a happy in-between.
  • Kickstart their journey towards independent drinking by introducing the Spout Cup and simply step it up with the Straw Cup when they are ready for an advancement.
  • The MagMag cup promotes the most natural drinking habits and trains your baby to drink liquids in the same way as adults do.