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Pigeon Electric Finishing Toothbrush

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2 Sonic Vibration Mode Selection, Duo Bristle Design, Waterproof.
Co-developed with a leading Paediatric Dentist, Pigeon Electric Finishing Toothbrush is designed for parents to perform the finishing touch to their child’s brushing.
How to use:
Apply a pea-size amount of toothpaste to the bristles, and gently brush each quadrant of the child’s mouth for 30 seconds. Total brushing time should last 2 minutes.
Requires a AAA battery to operate. Battery not included.
Care: After every use, rinse and dry thoroughly with water. Store upright in a cool and dry place. Remove batteries when toothbrush is not in use for an extended period of time.


Maintenance Tips

General Cleaning:
- Rinse under warm water (no hotter than 60degC)
- Ensure the toothbrush is completely dry before
- DO NOT steam sterilize, boil or chemical sterilize

Brush heads:
- Replace every 3 months or once bristles have

AAA Battery:
A good quality AAA battery should last for up to
400 mins. This equates to approximately 200
brushing sessions.

Consumer Warranty Coverage

Duration: 15 months from date of purchase.

Consumer must provide proof of purchase during service or repair

Coverage: • Similar to other Pigeon electrical products • Does not cover damage to brush heads

Warranty Registration Methods: 1. Offline: Consumer mails warranty card to PS 2. Online: Register at