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Penguinlada BusyFirst BusyBoard & Whiteboard

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It is a 2-in-1 Busyboard where you get best of both worlds with Magnetic Whiteboard & Busyboard, just like how Busy+ did, but with more fun elements that your kids will love!

It definitely creates hours of fun, keeps your kids engaged and most of all they get to learn while interacting with it. ⁣BusyFirst is carefully curated to keep your little ones busy with 2-in-1 usage, swipe left to see more details.⁣

Our Busyboard is the perfect toy to impart essential skills through Montessori Method. Through playing, the little one get exposed to:

  • logical thinking
  • fine motor skills 
  • sensory exploration



  • Material: New Zealand Pinewood
  • Dimension: 60*40cm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • 23 Playing Part
  • Secure by hook by the side, can stand on its own
  • Fully Assembled in Singapore
  • FREE Name Customisation is available upon request
  • Suitable for 8 months+/ babies who can sit up.
  • Adult Supervision for younger baby
  • A great choice for 1 year old birthday