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NUK Signature Night BPA-Free Silicone Soothers

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A soother, pacifier, or dummy is a useful aid for relaxing your baby.

- Flowing, heart-shaped mouth shield with star, heart or bubble-shaped openings for a cute look on your little one; glow in the dark elements make it easy to find at night

- Improved nuk original shape modelled on a mother’s nipple while breastfeeding for a natural, satisfying feel

- 100% of orthodontists confirm that nuk soothers do not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment*

- Nuk air system allows air to escape so teat remains soft and flexible in baby's mouth

- Promotes the healthy development of teeth and jaw by exercising baby's lips, tongue and facial muscles


Silicone soothers - everything you need to know about soothers made of special plastic

An important part of the initial baby equipment is the right soother for your baby. This can work wonders for babies when the tears start to flow. Sucking on the silicone soother can have a calming effect on babies, as the sucking sensation is reminiscent of the mother's breast. The right silicone soother not only soothes your baby but also supports its oral development.

The advantages of a silicone soother at a glance
The choice of cute silicone soothers is almost limitless. New parents can choose from a variety of soother designs and patterns. But what are the advantages of soothers made of special plastic?

Taste and odor neutrality:
Thanks to the special plastics used, the silicone soothers from NUK have no taste or smell of their own. Many babies prefer NUK silicone soothers to latex soothers for precisely this reason.

Resistant to environmental influences:
Due to their material, silicone soothers are resistant to sunlight and heat. Even after a long period of exposure to the sun, the soother material does not become brittle or cracked.

Especially hygienic:
The materials used are particularly temperature-resistant and suitable for frequent cleaning. You can boil the silicone soother, sterilize it in the vaporizer or simply clean it with water in between - as often as you like. Thanks to the increased temperature resistance, you don't have to worry about material damage, which means the silicone soother can remain with your little treasure for a, particularly long time.

Free from allergens:
The special plastic used for silicone soothers does not contain any allergens, so you need not worry about your child developing any unpleasant allergy symptoms.

In accordance with current EU regulations on the use of BPA (bisphenol A) in baby products, all NUK soothers are completely BPA-free - so your little darling can suck on NUK's silicone soothers to his or her heart's content.

Why should you check the silicone soother regularly?

The material of the silicone soothers is a little firmer and less flexible. So, if your little darling starts teething, there is a chance that he or she will damage the soother's teat with its little teeth.

As soon as you notice small cracks in the soother's silicone, you should immediately replace it with a new NUK silicone soother! Otherwise, there is a risk that small silicone particles will come loose and be swallowed by your child. However, it is recommended - even if no cracks form in the material - to replace the silicone soother after two or three months for hygienic reasons.