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Nuby Swimming Diaper

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●Baby'S fun swimming
●Comfortable elastic waist circumference
●Prevent side leakage mother save heart
●Baby'S comfort is not limited

Product characteristics:
●The outer layer is waterproof, the inner layer is ultra-thin absorber design, the water intake does not expand and is not afraid of leakage
●Elastic waist circumference, elastic stretch leg circumference design, comfortable bodycon
●Three-Dimensional leakproof side, can be more adhesive leg nest effective prevent leakage
●Easy to tear side design, easy to wear off
●The back letter shows that the positive and negative sides are effectively identified
●Because of the slight color difference between the film and the actual product, the picture is for reference only. please refer to the actual receipt of the goods
●This product is a sanitary product, once unopened can not be replaced.

●Disposable, do not wash and reuse
●Please put it in a cool place after opening the seal to avoid direct sunlight
●The water diaper should be replaced immediately after usage. Please tear it off from both sides and discard it
●Please pay attention to the safety and physical condition of your baby when using
●If the skin is allergic to redness and swelling during use, stop using it immediately