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Mustela Organic Stelatopia Lipid Replenishing Cream 150ml

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Lipid-replenishing cream, anti-itching, certified organic, efficiently soothe the atopic skin, naturally soothe the parent's mind. Stelatopia+ is specifically designed for extremely dry and eczema-prone skin of the baby from birth on* and for the whole family. Formulated with 99% of ingredients of natural origin with its complex of patented active ingredients, the certified ORGANIC Sunflower Oil Distillate and the prebiotic Bioécolia®, it immediately reduces the rednesses, and has an anti-relapse effect by limiting frequency of severe dryness peaks. Fragrance-free. Vegan formula**.

*Newborns out of the NICU ** Vegan formula: formula without ingredents from animal origin .

Good for the skin and the planet

Does your family have extremely dry skin with a eczema-prone skin ? Without perfume, our Stelatopia + lipid-replenishing cream, with the certified ORGANIC Sunflower Oil Distillate, is conceived specifically for you. With its soft texture and very quickly absorbed co-developed with more than 200 families, it brings a feeling of alleviation and comfort.

It reinforces and rebalances the cutaneous barrier to give again with the very dry with atopic their natural capacity of defense. Result: the rednesses and irritations decrease immediately and durably.

The Stelatopia + relipidant Cream is without perfume and vegan*.

*Vegan formula: formula without ingredents from animal origin
For guaranteed safety from birth, our skin care products are developed in cooperation with health professionals and must go through over 450 measures and tests.
Clinical study conducted under dermatological and pediatric control on 63 subjects from ages 3 months to 8 years old with atopic-prone skin, with 1 to 2
applications per day during a. 28 days and b. 84 days (self-assessment)