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Lilo Premium White Bait Powder Refill 55g

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Benefits Of White Bait:

Whitebait is a collective term for the immature fry of fish. At Lilo, we are using white bait from indonesia.Like ikan bilis, white bait is also a Source of Calcium, DHA, phosphorus and protein which is great nutrient enhancement to our little ones meals!

Lilo's Factory:

At Lilo, we take food processing and manufacturing seriously. We manufacture every bottle of Lilo goodness right in our very own food factory in Singapore licensed by SFA (Singapore Food Agency).

Our powders has also been tested at a Singapore Accreditation Council Approved Laboratory for both nutritional information panel as well as shelf life testing to give our Lilo dearies a peace of mind.


Shelf Life 1 Year to be kept cool and dry in fridge for optimal storage condition.

White Bait is suitable for babies 6 months and above.