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Lilo Premium Ikan Billis Powder 55g Refill

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Premium Ikan Bilis from Pangkor Because we believe that our children only deserves the best and the finest. Lilo only uses premium ikan bilis from Pangkor, the number 1 place to get Ikan bilis. We also use gutless ikan bilis but with bones intact, which is a good source of calcium. So that our kids gets all the goodness. Food Grade Containers We use food grade containers that are airtight and recyclable. As much as the quality of ikan bilis is important, we believe that the containers containing the goodness are just as important. We want it to be airtight to preserve the goodness of Lilo Ikan Bilis Powder. The cute containers are also recyclable! Small Fish but Huge Source of nutrients Ikan Bilis contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus,potassium, sodium and zinc. Anchovies are a good source of vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin,niacin, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K and its also a source of DHA! Fragrant yet not salty As a firm believer of not adding salt to my daughter’s meals, I use ikan bilis powder as a substitute to enhance the flavours for her meals. All the ikan bilis are washed and soaked to remove the saltiness and baked to perfection to achieve a fragrant consistency. Zero Preservatives and addictives With no preservatives and addictives added, the ikan bilis are dried and baked to preserve the goodness. Because I’m a mother too, I understand the joy of seeing our kids eating heartily and well. I hope your family will enjoy Lilo Homemade Ikan Bilis as much as we do! Love, Lilo


The Process

"Why need to wait? Don't you have stock?" are some of the common questions raised by mamas. Because Lilo is baked, bottled and packed FRESH upon order weekly. We take every process seriously, hygiene to us is very important. The bottles we use are sterilized food grade bottles and during bottling process, gloves are on at all times. To bring you the freshness of the sea, goodness of premium ikan bilis, all in a bottle. Thank you for loving Lilo. =)


Recipe for the Busy Mum

I’ve always had to think of food for my toddler while being to make my husband tummy happy. Thus, I’ve been tweaking and coming up with recipes to satisfy both of them. Am documenting it down so it can benefit more busy mamas with limited time and yet we want a decent meal for our family!


Min. 6 months shelf-life. To be kept cool and dry in fridge for optimal storage condition.

- 100% Natural Ingredients with no Preservatives, no Addictives, no Salt or MSG added.
- Best consumed within 3 months after opening.