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Hegen Flange (SoftSqround) 19/22/25/28/31mm (2-pack)

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The new SoftSqroundflanges are made of soft silicone for best adhesion to skin and has a uniquely designed flange tunnel that is gentle on nipple, making a every session a pump comfortable one. The unique Hegen Sqround shape also allows for mums to adjust angles and find the best fit angle for different breast sizes. Our eCap and eDiaphragm now come in Hegen’s signature Press-to-Close Twist-to-Open (PCTO) innovation for an easy, quick, and accurate assembly.

The new Hegen Flanges are available in 5 different sizes – 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm and 31mm.

What’s Included

2 x Hegen Flange (SoftSqround™) 19/22/25/28/31mm (2-pack)