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Easywalker Adapters Jackey

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With these adapters, you can attach your infant car seat safely to your Easywalker Jackey. This turns the buggy into a practical travel system in no time at all – perfect for shorter trips to town or shopping.

Key features at a glance:

  • Compatible with the Easywalker Jackey
  • Compatible with the most commonly used infant car seats
  • Easy attachment
  • Material: Plastic

One of the most popular accessories for the buggy are adapters for infant car seats. These adapters are used to attach your infant car seat to the stroller with just one click. This way, a practical system that makes it easy to switch between a car and a stroller, is created.

The car seat adapters save you and your little one a lot of trouble and worries when being out and about on trips. You can easily let your baby sleep in the infant car seat and, without waking them up, attach it to the Jackey frame in a few simple steps.

Suitable for the following infant car seats:

BeSafe: iziGo, iziGo Modular

CYBEX: Aton 3, Aton 4, Aton 5, Aton M, Aton Q, Aton Q Plus, Aton Q i-Size, Aton Q i-Size plus, Cloud Q, Cloud Q Plus, Cloud Z i-Size

Kiddy: I-Gemm, I-Level, I-SNUG

Maxi-Cosi: Pebble Pro+, Rock, Pebble Pro, Pebble Rock, Coral, Tinka

Nuna: Pipa