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DK Books I Feel Proud

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The star character, Pride, is here to teach your little ones how to recognize this strong emotion and name their feelings.

This adorable book explains what kinds of things make you feel proud, like finishing an amazing drawing. The book encourages kids to enjoy their achievements and feel confident about their talents.

This brightly illustrated board book is a gentle and simple introduction to strong emotions. This will help your preschooler tell you how they are feeling and understand what pride feels like in the body. The Pride character evokes the feelings that small children have experienced, but might not have the words for just yet.

Help them understand what the emotions are and how to recognize pride in others. The little star, Pride, also wants to teach young children not to bring down other people's confidence by making their accomplishments seem small. It's an important skill, especially for making new friends!

The easy language makes for a fun and educational reading time. This helps children with language, vocabulary, and talking about their emotions, especially if they have difficulty expressing feelings. Let the Pride character help your toddler answer difficult questions with simple explanations.