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Busymat Travel Placemat - Life Cycle of a Frog

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Let the little ones learn about the life cycle in a fun and interactive way. 

life cycle refers to the stages that  an animal goes through while it’s alive. and life cycle repeats itself
A frog goes through five stages of life. In each stage, it changes and grows.

Eggs > Early Tadpole > Late Tadpole > Froglet > Adult Frog


Busy Mat White Based Travel Size Placemat

Measures: 15cm by 20cm

About Our Mats
- To wash, rinse under running water
- To reuse the mats, use wet/dry tissue to clean off the marker ink
- Mat comes with a little tab at the bottom right corner for easy air drying after washing
- Combine the mats together with by hooking the tabs together to create your very own Busymat Book!
- FDA certified, BPA free
- Texture: Smooth and buttery
- Does not crease when folded
- Comes in a Kraft box packaging

Additional Notes:
- Busy Mat products are non-exchangeable/refundable
- Photos are for illustration purposes, colours may vary slightly due to the lighting differences


*Please note that writing markers are sold separately.