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Busymat Large Placemat - Busy Farm

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Say Hello to our new Busy Mat products that will sure keep your child captivated!

Introducing our new Busy Mat product that shines a light on farm animals! This Farm Animal colouring mat will keep your child engaged, as they learn more about farm life. Bring the Farm Animals to life as they colour and learn!

SING ALONG with "Old Macdonalds had a farm"

These colouring mats are washable and reusable. Not to mention, Educational too! By choosing us, you are participating in a global movement to save our earth.

Premium Large White Based Place Mat 
Measures 30cm x 40cm

To wash, rinse under running water
- To reuse the mats, use wet/dry tissue to clean off the marker ink
- Mat comes with a little tab at the bottom right corner for easy air drying after washing
- Combine the mats together with by hooking the tabs together to create your very own Busy Mat Book!
- FDA certified, BPA free
- Texture: Smooth and buttery
- Does not crease when folded
- Comes in a Kraft box packaging