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Avent Ultra Soft Snuggle

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More comfort from every cuddle

The Phlips Avent ultra soft snuggle is a plush animal with an ultra soft soother. The snuggle is lightly weighted to keep it close to babies so they feel secure. It’s easy to find and detaches from the soother for effortless cleaning.

More comfort from every cuddle
Includes ultra-soft soother
Plush with ultra-soft soother
Orthodontic & BPA-Free
1x snuggle & 1x 0-6M soother

Helps you and your baby find the soother

No more hunting and searching for soothers! The plush animal makes the soother easy to find.

Babies will enjoy extra comfort with every cuddle

Babies will enjoy extra comfort when they cuddle with their plush animals. Made of soft fabric, their lightly-weighted paws help keep soothers in place.

Plush animal is compatible with all Philips Avent soothers

The plush animal is compatible with all Philips Avent soothers. So you can mix and match and create the product that is right for the baby.

Pick your favorite or collect all four adorable characters

Babies will love to snuggle with any of our four adorable characters: giraffe, monkey, elephant or seal. Our plush snuggle animals are a soothing and friendly companion for baby. And when baby relaxes, so can you.

Detaches for easy cleaning

Plush animal easily detaches from ultra soft soother and both are easy to clean. And you'll feel confident knowing baby can always enjoy a clean soothing experience.

The soother can be cleaned and sterilized separately

The plush animals are machine washable and soothers can be cleaned in your dishwasher, a sterilizer or boiling water. Feel good knowing it is always clean and safe for your little one.

Cuddly soft snuggle included with ultra soft soother

Cuddly soft snuggle included with our ultra soft soother. Made of flexible silicone, it’s soft on baby’s delicate skin and designed to prevent skin marks. 

Soft flexible shield for more comfort and fewer skin marks

To help protect delicate skin, our ultra soft flexible shield follows the shape of babies cheeks. It leaves fewer marks and less irritation so that babies can enjoy a more comfortable soothing experience.*

98% of babies accept the textured silicone teats*

Babies know what they like! We asked moms how their little ones respond to our textured silicone teat and 98% said that their babies accept the Philips Avent ultra soft soothers.