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Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

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Inspired by baby. Effective for mum
Natural motion technology for quicker milk flow*

Enter a new era of expressing with a perfect balance of suction & nipple stimulation inspired by the natural way babies drink. The Philips Avent electric breast pump keeps milk flow at an optimum & gently adapts to your nipple size & shape

Quick expressing, more milk in less time*
• Natural motion technology for a quick milk flow*

Gentle and comfortable
• One size soft and adaptive silicone cushion
• Express without leaning forward

Personalized and easy to use
• Personalized experience, 8 + 16 setting levels
• Quiet motor for a discreet experience anywhere
• Minimal parts and intuitive setup
• Memory function
• Pause/Play function

Rechargeable battery and timer display
• Rechargeable battery for pumping on the go
• Display to keep track of time

Quick milk flow*
Express more milk in less time* with a cushion that stimulates the breast to express milk just like baby. It seamlessly adjusts from stimulation mode to expression mode', and applies just the right amount of nipple stimulation and suction for maximum milk flow. Based on milk flow initiation time (time to Milk Ejection Reflex - MER) results.*

Use easily on the go
Express on-the-go without having to worry about a power supply. Our rechargeable battery comes with a micro-USB adapter and lasts up to 3 sessions on a single full charge.

Adapts to your nipple
One size fits all. Because we all come in different shapes and sizes, the silicone cushion gently flexes and adapts to fit your nipple. It fits 99.98% of nipple sizes* (up to 30mm).

Clean and setup easily
Our closed expression system means milk stays out of tubing so there's less to clean. Fewer parts also make it a breeze to put back together again.

Sit comfortably
Feel relaxed as you express thanks to a design that lets you sit upright rather than having to lean forward. No need to lean forward, clinically proven comfortable expressing position*. Based on product clinical trial results with 20 participants (2019); 90% of participants find the expressing position
comfortable (single electric); 95% of participants find the expressing position comfortable double electric).

Save your favourite settings
Know what you like? The breast pump automatically remembers your last settings, so all you need to do is sit down and press start.

Personalize to your needs
Finely tune every session to your needs with a wide range of stimulation and
expression settings. Our breast pump offers 8 stimulation and 16 expression levels for a personalized experience

Pause whenever you like
If you need to adjust or take a break, the start/pause button is always at your finger tips.

Express anywhere discreetly
Express whenever and wherever you like thanks to our quiet motor with a slimline design.

Mains voltage 100V - 240 V

No leaning forward - Sit in a comfortable position
Soft & adaptive cushion - Gentle stimulation, Settings 16 expression levels, 8 stimulation levels

Ease of use
Breast pump use - Easy cleaning & assembly, quiet motor, memory function, rechargeable battery, motor display

Bottle - BPA free*, Polypropylene
Teat - BPA free*, Silicone
Breast pump BPA-free* (food contact parts only)

What is included
Expression kit 1 pcs
Motor unit (Rechargeable) 1 pcs
4oz Bottle with 0m+ nipple 1 pcs
Micro-USB adapter 1 pcs
Sealing disc 1 pcs
Disposable breast pads 2 pcs*