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Airfree Air Purifier Duo Odour Eliminator Capsule

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The Odour eliminator capsule is what truly sets the Airfree Duo apart and makes it a dynamic model that will not only clean your air but keep it odour-free. When your home is overtaken by strong cooking smells or cigarette smoke, you can easily switch on the odour eliminator and this powerful feature will go to work eliminating odours.

Key Features

  • Contaminated air enters Airfree
  • Airfree boils the air destroying all microorganisms
  • The air is sterilised at 200 C inside the 32 mini ducts of the TSS patented ceramic core
  • Sterilised air is cooled down and released back to the room
  • Air is sterilised in a silent and maintenance-free operation For use with Airfree Duo