Join a global retail brand and provide a strong retail franchise concept

Motherswork, is committed to providing quality professional maternal and baby products,
becoming the main maternal and child brand in the maternal and baby retail industry.


Since entering the Singapore market for the first time in 1998, motherswork has been accompanying those who are about to become mothers,
or who have become mothers and fathers, to help them make the right choices at every moment and every milestone in their child's growth.


Through a unique strategic market positioning, Motherswork has expanded its global reach.
 Motherswork has more than 20 years of retail experience in Singapore and China, our model is proven, powerful and award-winning store concept. 
We are proud to play an important role in every woman's journey.




Global brand with good reputation and needs

* Successful companies in Singapore and China; 
* 20 years of business experience with unique, proven concepts; 
* High standard store opening process; 
* Efficient operating systems and tools; 
* Access to major international brands; 
* Continuous introduction of innovative products; 
* Efficient store design, visual marketing, providing good guidance and support.




Market support

At the heart of Motherswork's success is the brand philosophy. 
Our marketing department has many years of experience in successfully
creating and implementing a range of marketing campaigns and projects
to help customers enter your store. 
They are responsible for all major national events,
electronic and social media, promotions and materials.

Training & Support for Franchise Stores

We will provide unified training and support for Motherswork's franchise stores!

The top to bottom 2-4 week training program covers the
theoretical knowledge and practical experience of baby industry operations,
as well as customer service and operational standards.



Do you wish to become our next Franchise Partner?

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss with an iconic brand? 

If you have, this opportunity awaits you! Ask yourself:


1. Do you have good people skills? 
2. Do you want to control your destiny? 
3. Do you have a strong desire to succeed in your own business? 
4. Are you prepared to have personal day-to-day involvement in your business? 
5. Do you have a positive attitude? 
6. Do you have strong communication skills? 
7. Do you have the ability to delivere outstanding customer service? 
8. Are you ready to learn and adopt new ideas? 
9. And of course... Do you love babies?


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