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Stokke was founded in Ålesund, on the west coast of Norway, in 1932. Stokke provides worldwide distribution of premium children´s furniture and equipment within the highchair, stroller, baby carrier, home textiles and nursery market segments.


A Vision, a Mission, a Goal

Committed to creating high quality products , designed not only for you and your child, but for your children’s children, and generations to come. In our pursuit to continually break barriers in innovation, manufacture, and logistics processes, we pledge our commitment to ensure the safety of your child, and to protect and preserve your child’s environment. This is not just our belief at Stokke: it is our vision, our mission, and our goal.

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Designed to be close.

Although we continually develop our products and introduce additions to the collection, our design philosophy continues to be based on one core concept: To nurture family bonding, transforming everyday experiences into precious memories that you and your family will cherish forever. Children need a sense of connection to feel safe and loved. Our designers are committed to creating products that help bring children closer to their parents. From our high, parent-facing strollers to our ergonomic baby carrier and versatile line of seating, our products promote bonding. This is essential for your baby's development and well-being.


Superior quality

Stokke®'s human centric approach to design ensures exceptional ergonomics and unparalleled comfort. Sophisticated engineering delivers technical solutions for flawless functionality. We insist upon using only the highest quality materials for safety and durability. Our products stand the test of time and have classic lines that won't go out of style.


0ur Promise to You

We will never compromise on doing what is best for your child. Safety and quality are always our top priorities. We challenge conventional thinking and continually strive to make smart, stylish products that meet your family's needs and fit seamlessly into your home, and most importantly into your life.