Indoor Play

Fun Math Activities For Pre-Schoolers

With a little imagination and creativity, crafting activities for preschoolers is a great way to teach them key Math concepts. If you think about it, Math is pretty much everywhere around us and with a little imagination, teaching your little preschooler Math concepts is easily achievable with everyday household items.


House Bound Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy

With the increasing number of cases of Coronavirus or COVID-19, we recommend keeping your children home as much as possible. Here are our top activities to keep your kids from being overly bored while staying indoors.


Activity Sets for Your Toddlers to Learn While Playing

As your children enter toddlerhood, start them on a fun learning journey so they can develop social and emotional, communication, cognitive and motor skills. These fun toys, activity sets and books will spark their imagination so they can quickly pick up new skills.


Smart Toys For Your Children's Cognitive Development

Aside from providing your little ones countless hours of fun, these smart toys and resources also nurture your children's cognitive development. As they interact with these toys, they acquire critical skills like language, thinking, memory and reasoning.


Learn by Playing - Activity Sets for 4 - 6 Year Olds

Children can learn and improve their skills with these activity sets and aids, whether it's math, creativity, drawing or engineering. With assorted activity sets, fun games and toys, your children can pick up essential skills and improve others.


Outdoor Play

12 Family-Friendly Places to Bring the Kids in 2022

Singapore is never short of family-friendly activities to engage and entertain. With new facilities opening up ever so often, there’s plenty of things to do with the kids. Whether it’s indoors for a virtual reality fun experience or outdoors for some water play or adventurous fun, here’s our go-to list of where you can bring the troop as you plan some bonding time with them each month in the year ahead.


Preparing Your Baby for Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a life-saving skill; and it all starts by getting babies to be confident in bodies of water. Before you start your baby’s first swim lesson, we highlight some essential notes that all parents should know.


Kid Friendly Attractions Open in Phase Two

As Singapore continues with its Phase 2 transition, here are some kid-friendly attractions that have reopened with health guidelines. Families can now head out to these kid-friendly attractions around Singapore, although they will have to comply with the safe distancing guidelines. These include regular temperature taking, checking in and out with SafeEntry and keeping to a group of five persons.


Toys Safety & Options

Safe Toys for Children - From Babies to Preschoolers

When choosing toys, follow the manufacturers’ age recommendations even if you think your child is a genius or developmentally advanced. These guidelines ensure your child can engage with the toy, and that you've chosen a safe toy.