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Taf Toys Koala Daydream Arch

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  • The Koala Daydream Stroll arch is designed for two developmental stages and provides babies with entertainment while out & about!
  • Plenty of different baby-activated hanging toys offer fun while developing fine motor skills as you stroll with your baby.
  • Soft & flexible arch bends forwards, backwards, up and down, making it compatible with baby’s age and playing preferences.
  • Lightweight and easy to fold and use on the go for Easier Outdoors and Easier Parenting!
  • Part of our Koala Daydream collection.


    • Soft rattling dolls taken from our Koala Daydream collection – Kimmy the Koala, Scotty the snail and colorful rainbow with fascinating rattle movement and sound.
    • Easy to fold & carry while out & about
    • Easily attaches to most prams, strollers, infant car seats or bouncers with large adjustable plastic clips.

    Development Values

    • Perfectly designed for 2 developmental stages:
    • 0M+ The soft rattling dolls are inspired by our Koala Daydream collection encourage baby sensory exploration while starring at the moving toys.
    • 5M+ baby begins to play with the hanging dolls, pulling & gabbing helps to develop baby's senses and fine motor skills and learn about cause & effect.
    • Senses
      • Our smiling characters, noises, rattles and the different textures stimulate baby’s sense of sight, sound and touch.
    • Fine Motor Skills
      • You can easily adapt the position of the toys attached to the arch at the right distance from the baby, The right position allow your baby to look at the toys and later pull, touch and play with them, practicing motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
    • Cognition
      • Your baby looks & explores the hanging toys attached to the arch and later, baby will learn to grab the rattles and hanging dolls teaching him the understanding of cause & effect.
    • Provides visual stimulation and encourages focus