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Best Travel Essentials For Kids

Posted on June 13 2022

As you travel outside of Singapore for the first time in a while, check out some travel essentials like this Stokke JetKids BedBox.


Venturing out into another country for the first time since COVID-19 with the kids? Motherswork recommends these travel essentials to take along with you for a stress-free, fun trip for the whole family.


Carry On Travel Essentials


SInce you’ll likely carry your child at some point, it’s best to pack as light as possible - and buy whatever you’ve forgotten at your destination. Some important travel essentials to always have with you include extra outfits for yourself and your kids, diapers, wipes, and snacks like string cheese or apple slices. Definitely also pack a few extra face masks for yourself and your children, such as these kid masks from Nuby and Motherswork & Maison Q. Ensure you have any other identification such as the original birth certificates. Pack along medicines for headaches, allergies, upset stomachs and prescription medicines.


Relax your screen time rules and load up age-appropriate apps, movies, games or TV shows in a tablet, phone or video game system to occupy them while waiting. Additionally, pack a combination of new toys or books, their go-to items like their favourite storybook or stuffed animals, comfortable headphones and a camera - or old phone camera to capture precious moments.


Travel Luggage

Little ones can stretch their legs with the Stokke Jetkids Bedbox, which transforms into a full-length bed on a plane in a few easy steps.


Transform a standard economy seat into a first class seat for children with the Stokke Jetkids Bedbox ($265) in five steps. First, they can pull the suitcase along with them, or ride on it when they get tired. Simply, lift, turn, slide and unfold the seat in the cabin and your little one has loads of legroom. Time for bed? Your children can enjoy turndown service as they rest on a two-piece mattress and side panels, perfect for long naps or overnight flights. Even better, you can pack everything your children need for their trip with a capacity of 23l. Children over two years old can sleep on the bed, and those between three to seven years old can ride on the suitcase. Lastly, for their safety, they can still use the seat belt lying down or sitting upright.


Let your kids zip around the airport’s departure lounge with the Trunki Kids Ride On Suitcase ($80.91). Children can pack, sit on, and ride their own luggage with a capacity of 18 litres to store their clothes, games, toys and books. They can rest their legs while walking or explore the departure lounge atop their luggage. Otherwise, parents can also carry this over their shoulders. This award-winning suitcase is great for children above three, and can carry a maximum weight of 50kg.


Motherswork Recommends: Travel strollers ($399 to $859) that can fit in the airlines’ cabins and the Micro Eazy Luggage ($295) to get your child around the airport. Additionally, older kids can bring a backpack with them to store their travel essentials.


Sleeping On the Go

Infants can have a comfortable night’s sleep in this portable Nursery Bag & Carrycot from Doomoo.


The Bugaboo Stardust ($419) uses unique aerospace technology and smart design offers you an ultra-comfortable play yard that your child can use on the go. It easily unfolds in a second, and can be folded with a mattress in it. Great for newborns up to two years old, you can also lift your newborn in and out without bending over. Easily stash it in the premium velcro closing bag.


Another option is Doomoo Nursery Bag & Carrycot ($135.90), great for newborns and infants. Aside from storing your baby’s belongings, it also functions as a changing mattress and a carrycot in one. Regardless of whether it’s open or closed, all four pockets are easily accessible. When it’s time for a nap, convert it into a carrycot or strap it onto your stroller.


Alternatively, the Babybjӧrn Travel Cot Easy Go/Light ($499) can be set up and folded down in a single move, with a comfortable mattress. The mesh fabric keeps your little one cool, while allowing you to supervise your baby. This can be used up to three years old. All materials are kind to your child’s skin and safe to taste - great for little ones who like to put everything in their mouths. These materials are free from harmful substances, approved to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products. The fabric and mattress cover are machine washable.


Travel Sterilisers

Easily sanitise surfaces and other objects in just 10 minutes with the Mr Wonderful Sanitising Water Travel Spray.


Keep yourself and your children germ-free with these travel-friendly sterilisers. The Milton Solo Travel Steriliser ($26) can be used in a microwave or just in cold water, great for when you’re away from home. This sterilises your items from 2 minutes in the microwave and in 15 minutes with cold water. Just use a quarter of a sterilising tablet ($7 to $9) to sterilise breastfeeding equipment, baby feeding accessories, soothers, and baby bottles. Contents stay sterile for 24 hours. Alternatively, get the Mini Sterilising Tablets ($7) with the Mini Soother Steriliser ($16.50) so you always have a clean soother or pacifier whenever you need it. It sterilises in just 15 minutes and can be attached to your buggy, pram or diaper bag.


Next, the Mr Wonderful Sanitising Water Travel Spray ($9.10) is baby-safe, alcohol and chemical free surface steriliser. It eliminates 99.9999 per cent of harmful bacteria, viruses, organic odours and germs. It’s made from 100 per cent purified pH 12.5 ionised alkaline water that does not require any rinsing. If you’re cleaning a surface, spray it and then wipe dry after at least 30 seconds. Otherwise, you can spray on the surface and wait for about 10 minutes and wipe dry to sanitise.


Travel Size Bath Time

Try earth friendly travel size skincare for your babies, such as these from Pigeon Natural Botanical.


Pack along travel size skincare for your little ones. One option is the Pigeon Natural Botanical Baby Travel Set ($12.90), including a massage oil, head and body wash, moisturising water gel and milky lotion. Ingredients include olive oil and argan oil, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.


An alternative is the Gaia Baby Starter Set ($32.50), comprising a bath and body wash, sleeptime bath, massage oil, moisturiser and shampoo. These use vegan friendly, cruelty-free ingredients like organic essential oils and ylang ylang.


California Baby Travel Bundle ($26.60) consists of a calendula shampoo and body wash, cream and everyday lotion, and SPF 30+ sunscreen. It also uses sustainable and organic ingredients like coconut and palm, organic aloe vera, calendula extract, jojoba and evening primrose oils.


Lastly, Aleva Naturals are free from toxins or harsh chemicals, with certified vegan ingredients. In the Aleva Naturals Newborn Travel Kit ($32.90), there’s a hair and body wash, moisturiser, bubble bath and bamboo baby wipes.


Motherswork Recommends: Travel Toothbrushes and Gum Wipes, and Bath Toys for swimming pools and bathtubs


Travel Essentials: Utensils & Water Bottles


Bibs, Spoons and Bowls

Feed your little one on the go with the Skip Hop Easy-Serve Travel Bowl & Spoon, featuring a spill-resistant lid and a spoon that fits inside the bowl.


The B.Box Bib and Silicone Spoon ($21.90) features a food catcher and spoon, which you can tuck back into the catcher, roll and zip up after meals. Use the Velcro hang loop to strap this on the stroller, away from the diaper bags. The polyester and neoprene bib is completely machine washable and quick drying. Alternatively, the Skip Hop Easy-Serve Travel Bowl & Spoon ($14.90) has a spill-resistant lid, and a spoon that fits inside and is dishwasher safe on the top rack.


Staying Hydrated

The handles on this bottle from Pigeon retracts so you can easily stash it in a diaper bag’s bottle compartment or your little one’s backpack.


Keep your little ones - and yourself - hydrated with these drinking bottles. Suitable for nine months and above, the Pigeon Petite Straw Bottle ($16.90) is easy for little hands to grasp. With a leakproof design, this bottle’s handles also fully retract. For older infants mastering drinking from bottles, try the NUK Learning Bottles such as the Peppa Pig one with Temperature Control ($24.25). Switch out the top to the extra soft silicone spout to transition them to independent drinking. A similar option is the NUK Disney Learner Bottle ($24.25).


Travel Games, Books and Entertainment


Activity Books and Sets

Aside from colouring robots, bears and dinosaurs, kids can also paste on googly eyes in the Crazy Eyes Creatures set.


Inflight, little ones can entertain themselves with activity sets such as the Tiger Tribe Glitter Colouring Set Ocean Dreams ($22.80). Kids can colour mermaids, jellyfish, seahorses and more with super sparkly and liquid glitter markers. This activity set is mess-free and portable with a magnetic-sealed storage box, 36 high contrast colouring pages with three liquid glitter markers. Another option is the Crazy Eyes - Creatures set ($24.80), where kids can colour in illustrations of robots or bears, and paste on googly eyes. This features 24 colouring pages, with 36 googly eye stickers, 10 markers and a sheet of stickers.


Other mess-free books: Melissa & Doug Water Wow! and Secret Decoder Series, Galt  and motherswork Library


Board Games

Pack along these compact board games from Smart Games to keep your little ones occupied while training their problem solving and logic skills.


Alternative options might be board games. These travel essentials are best for older children who are a little more responsible about keeping all the pieces together. Try these from Smart Games, which are suitable for children three years and up and are compact enough to bring along for travel. Such games help test your child’s problem solving and logic skills. They can also work together with a sibling or an adult to creatively solve the puzzles.


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Credits:  The Colours are Brighter, mar0n23, Ailing Wong, Irene Khan


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