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Zazu Baby Sleep Shusher - Phoebe Penguin

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Phoebe the penguin is a baby sleep shusher with nightlight. You could attach Phoebe to your crib using the velcro strap. Its removable module could play 7 pre-set sounds such as shushing (shh… sshhh… a doctor's proven technique), heartbeat, white noise, lounge music and 3 types of lullabies. You can record your own voice or favourite song for 30 seconds using the voice recording option. Select your preferred volume from low to high. In addition, the module shows a relaxing soft orange nighlight.  After 20 minutes the light and sound switch off automatically. The optional cry sensor could reactivate the last used settings. Once the module is removed you could wash the plush by hand and dry it in the air. Powered by 3x AAA batteries (not included).

Zazu Baby Sleep Shusher & Nightlight Features:

Nightlight & soft toy (100% polyester) with removable module (ABS)

7 different sounds such as shushing, white noise, heartbeat, lounge and 3 types of lullabies

Voice recorder (30-second recording option) with cry sensor

Comes with a velcro strap

Auto shut off after 20 minutes

Operated by 3x AAA batteries (not included)