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Tip Toey Joey Landy-White/ Rose Gold/ M.Salmon

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Landy is the light pink sneaker with double velcro and soft glitter details on the side with elastic in the heel that hugs the little foot, so as not to let the shoe fall during the first steps.

• The numbering of other brands does not serve as a parameter to choose your Tip Toey Joey.
• Our unique FreeToGrow™ design (little toes free) is wider to follow the foot's natural anatomy and leave room for the toes to move freely, stay free and activated. For this reason, there is no need to leave any extra slack, otherwise the shoe could be too big on the foot.
• Use our Size Guide to measure your foot and find the right size.
• The Stretch&Stay™ (stretch and stay) is the easy-on internal elastic that hugs the heel without letting the shoe slip off the foot while the child freely experiences the essential movements to stand and take their first steps.
• It has a velcro closure that adjusts well to all types of feet.
• These smart features promote the natural development of the foot, as well as providing better fit and barefoot comfort!


• Extra soft leather produced within REACH international criteria.
• Safe and non-toxic - won't harm your baby's health.
• Leather lining that lets little feet breathe.
• Biodegradable and antibacterial leather-lined insole.
• Soft and flexible natural rubber sole.


• Made of extra soft material, friction with rough and abrasive surfaces can wear the bootie out early.
• In sizes 22 and 23, consider the Run and Play phase if your baby is already active and independent.
• Clean only with a damp cloth and neutral soap. Do not use water or bleach. Do not machine wash. Dry in the shade.