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Taf Toys Savannah Car Mirror

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  • A baby-safe curved mirror that offers an easy and convenient adult view of baby inside the car.



  • Simply connect the mirror to the seat's headrest using the secure Velcro locking strap, ensuring a stable and safe experience.
  • Includes a plastic ring and strap for extra safety to prevent any accidental fall.
  • Our mirror is crafted from safe and durable materials. It's non-toxic, BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, and mercury-free.


Development Values

  • Encourages Cognitive Development: The colorful Savannah car mirror captivates baby's attention and sparks their imagination. As they interact with the playful Savannah lion during car rides, their curiosity and cognitive skills are enhanced, fostering early learning and engagement.
  • Promotes Emotional Connection: The car mirror creates a visual connection between you and your baby while driving. Through the clear view from our mirror, you can maintain eye contact, exchange smiles, and respond to their expressions, promoting emotional bonding and strengthening the parent-child relationship.
  • Enhances Sensory Stimulation: The vibrant colors and engaging design of our Savannah car mirror provide sensory stimulation for baby. Their visual senses are stimulated by Harry the lion, providing a visual stimulation that helps soothe and entertain baby during car rides.