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Taf Toys Magnetic Peek-A-Boo Puzzle

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  • Use the magic magnet catcher to remove magnet covers and reveal the surprises hiding underneath!
  • Toddlers love magnets & Peek-A-Boo games. This makes magnetic Peek-A-Boo Puzzle the perfect educational game for ages 18 months and up.
  • Grows with your baby, Supporting their developmental stages.


  • Multiple ways to play:
  1. Collect – magnets from play board
  2. Image – recognize & name
  3. Colors - recognize & name
  4. Size – compare big and small
  5. Match - by color, size
  6. Count - and recognize numbers
  7. Pair and sort
  • 4 theme sets for 3 developmental stages
  • Comes as a set of 5 round baby -safe magnets, 10 doubles sides theme cards (20 images) & a play board including a magic magnet catcher unit.
  • Education & learning through play.
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free.
  • Size: Ø 23cm/9” cm Perfect toy for 18-36 months
  • Safety tested to meet our high standards.

Development Values

  • Magnetic Peek-A-Boo game Develops vocabulary, language, communication skills, memory, color recognition, introduction to numbers & counting skills.
  • Magnetic Peek-A-Boo game helps develop toddlers fine motor skills, cognitive skills & hand-eye coordination:
    • motor skills: using the magic magnets catcher to collect magnets promotes: Practice grip and object manipulating, Bilateral coordination - use of 2 hands (separating fish), Hand eye coordination & Depth perception.
    • Cognitive skills: Curiosity & creativity Sizes, compare big & small Memory, Colors - recognize & name, Numbers – recognize & count, Match - color, size or pattern. Supports independent learning: your child can self-correct any mistakes.