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Taf Toys Hello Baby Bedtime Kit

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Ultimate solution for parents seeking a smoother and more enjoyable bedtime routine for their baby

Packed with 12 different activities to create a calming and enjoyable bedtime experience

Helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep

Includes a developmental guide with tips for supporting newborns in bedtime and sleeping routines, explaining the benefits of each toy in the kit.


The kit includes 12 must-have developmental products for bedtime: Soothing Music & light Toy, Soft Silicone Brush, security blanket, Bunny Teether Toy , 7 Double Sided Flash Cards (14 images), card’s Ring holder & a bonus Developmental Guide.

The products inside the kit are well organized and wrapped in a tissue paper providing an enhanced unboxing experience.

Comprehensive bedtime routine with 12 activities for a smooth and enjoyable experience

Size: 30 X 26 X 7cm

Development Values

Engages visual stimulation with bedtime routine image cards, aiding in relaxation and sleep - These dual-purpose cards provide visual stimulation during the day, strengthening eye muscles. In the evening, they seamlessly integrate into the bedtime routine, promoting tranquility and calm as you softly repeat bedtime wishes to each character, preparing everyone for sleep.

Soothing melodies from the musical toy help transition your baby from alertness to a relaxed atmosphere before sleep. It plays for 20 minutes, offering two night tunes and two comforting sounds (gentle shushing and soothing water). Combined with soft lighting, it creates a calm environment, preparing your baby for sleep.

Introduces early dental hygiene habits with the baby's first toothbrush. Around 6 months of age, babies develop a sense of separation from caregivers. To ease this process, a comforting transitional object like a soft blanket or cherished toy can provide reassurance, especially if it carries the parent's scent. Incorporate the bunny into your bedtime routine by sharing the day's activities with your baby, speaking in a soothing tone. This helps them mentally process and recall the events leading to sleep, fostering a healthy bedtime routine and reflection on their day.