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Taf Toys Harry Musical Toy

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  • Super cute musical hanging toy that will sooth baby and ensure he has lots of sweet dreams while playing a traditional Brahms lullaby melody.
  • Attaches to anything – crib, pram or car seat to entertain or calm baby while out & about.
  • Suitable from birth


    • Mechanical Musical toy that sooth baby in cot or while out & about.
    • The music played, Brahms classical relaxing melody, calms & helps baby soothe toward sleeping
    • A boutique look musical toy using a number of extra high-quality fabrics, such as knitted fabric, textured fabrics & sewn embroidery with a wooden pull ring.
    • XL ring easily attached to most cots, prams’ canopies & safety seats.
    • Easy to fold & carry when out & about – The toy is lightweight and easy to fold. Includes XL plastic ring that attaches to buggies, car seats and cots!

      Development Values

      • My Musical Koala toy offers babies an excellent opportunity to further their understanding of cause and effect. By pulling the toy’s wooden ring, Baby prompt the music to start supports this cognitive understanding, which gradually helps them realize that they have control and can actually make things happen.
      • The classical melody calm baby and develop baby’s senses, cognitive skills and emotional intelligence