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Taf Toys Grow With Me Activity Arch

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  • A versatile arch designed to encourage baby’s exploration and development.
  • With two stages to accommodate different developmental phases, this arch is sure to captivate baby’s attention.
  • Perfect for parents and babies on the go, keeping babies engaged and entertained while strolling outdoors for a more enjoyable experience.
  • Plenty of different baby-activated hanging toys are attached to the arch, offering fun and engagement while boosting multiple developmental skills as you stroll with your baby.



  • Plenty of activities are designed for baby to feel and grab, including butterfly mobile with contrast color, bunny with crinkling ears and beads, rattling grip beads, and a rotating baby-safe mirror animated with print activity.
  • Highly flexible design allows parents to adjust the level by altering the toys within the baby's field of vision.
  1. Pram use (0-6m) - The adjustable height feature allows parents to position the arch for their baby's comfort and enjoyment at home.
  1. Stroller use (6m+) - Can be attached to most strollers, promoting independent play and exploration.
  2. Carrier use (0m+) - providing babies with a range of toys to play with while on the go.
  • Light weight & easy to fold to carry while out and about.
  • Easily attaches to a variety of strollers, infant car seats, and carriers by the design of universal attachment clip.


Development Values

  • The Arch has two developmental stages to accommodate different developmental phases.
In Stage 1 (0m+), the arch features black and white, and colorful illustrated hanging butterflies to stimulate baby's visual senses. In Stage 2 (3m+), the arch includes a rattling beads maze and double-sided spinning mirror with animated images, perfect for baby to reach & touch.
  • The arch offers a high level of flexibility, allowing parents to adjust it to alter the toys that are within baby’s field of vision, ensuring optimal stimulation and engagement.
  • Playing and grabbing the high-contrast colorful activity helps baby practicing eye-hand coordination, learning to control their hands, and developing their senses and motor skills.