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Suavinex Zero Zero Baby Bottle Starter Gift Set

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Ideal for newborn babies, even for premature babies with a weak suck.

Suavinex Zero Zero Anti-Colic Bottle Flow A +0m 180ml is a perfect baby bottle for all ages. Specifically, the great benefit of this baby essential is its ability to prevent the baby from getting uncomfortable, painful, and irritating colic. In this sense, for better effectiveness of this bottle, it must be used together with the Suavinex Zero Zero Anti-Colic Silicone Nipple provided. This, in turn, ensures greater comfort for the baby by perfectly imitating the mother's nipple. In addition, it guarantees greater comfort for the baby as it allows him to continuously switch between the mother's breast and the baby's bottle.

Suavinex Zero Zero Anti-Colic Adaptable Flow A Silicone Nipple is a perfect silicone teat to be used in combination with Suavinex Zero Zero baby bottles. Specifically, this teat perfectly simulates the mother's breast in its shape, length, and touch. Thus, it becomes a perfect teat for babies who are still breastfeeding by the mother as this essential will not confuse them. Furthermore, its texture is smooth and soft enough to provide great flexibility and comfort to the baby. Finally, with all these features, this teat is perfect for newborns and even premature babies with little suction force.

Suavinex Anti-Colic Bag works in the same way as the mother's breasts. Thus, as the baby sucks the milk, it contracts until there is no more content inside. In this way, it prevents the baby from ingesting any type of air, which later leads to uncomfortable colic. At the same time, it works without the need for external air to compensate for the vacuum that occurs inside it. All this ends up bringing more comfort to the baby at the same time that he is effectively fed.

This gift set contains the following products:

  • Suavinex Zero Zero Anti-Colic Bottle 180ml x1
  • Suavinex Zero Zero Anti-Colic Adaptable Flow A Silicone Nipple x1
  • Suavinex Anti-Colic Bag Replacement x1