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Suavinex Sx Pro Physiological Silicone Teats For Baby Bottle

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This innovative nipple is a major step towards a more natural bottle-feeding experience, carefully designed to respect a baby's oral development. 

Sx Pro Physiological Teat is created with the utmost consideration for a baby's unique bucodental growth, the SX Pro Physiological Nipple keeps the tongue in the same natural position as during breastfeeding. 

Recommended by Pediatric Dentists,

"its flat and symmetrical shape allows ample space for the tongue, ensuring a more comfortable and natural sucking motion. "

The valve system prevents colic, maintaining pressure balance in the bottle. 

The slightly convex concave base facilitates proper mouth, tongue, and jaw positioning. 

Made from ultra-soft silicone mimicking the mother's nipple, it provides maximum warmth and flexibility, ensuring a perfect fit to the baby's palate as they grow. Endorsed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry, this revolutionary teat promises an optimal and gentle feeding experience.

Comes in 3 different flows!

  • Flat and symmetrical
  • Leaves enough space for the tongue to lie in its natural position
  • Reaches the junction of the hard and soft palate
  • Slightly curved concave base
  • Ensures the correct position of the mouth, tongue and jaw muscles.
  • Easiest for babies who hold the bottle on their own
  • Ultra-soft silicone and textured finish
  • Mimics the texture and consistency of the mother’s nipple
  • SLOW FLOW · Lets a limited flow of liquid through: Indicated for milk feeds during the first few days of life or for water later on.
  • MEDIUM FLOW · Lets all types of medium-density liquids through. · Ideal for milk, juice or water.
  • DENSE FLOW · Lets very thin purées through. · Ideal for older or hungry babies.