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Stokke Sleepi Canopy V3

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The new Stokke ® Sleepi™ Canopy
A simplified structure of the canopy for a more modern and
clean look.


  • The Canopy has a reduced amount of pleats that are concentrated at the front.
  • The front part of the textile is folded in to create a clean straight line at the opening.
  • The back part of the Canopy has reduced fabric compared to the current Canopy, creating a more straight line that complements the clean look of the Sleepi.
  • It keeps light out and creates a comfortable sleeping environment for your newborn baby
  • The fabric of the current Canopy is not changed. It has a nice transparent and sleek look.
  • Stokke - Sleepi Drape rod v3 needed with this sold separately