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Rosy Organic Organic Wiggly Rice Cracker - White Rice

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Rosy Organic's Organic Wiggly Rice Crackers are baby's perfect first snack! Baked in a wavy and puffy shape, it fits perfectly in little hands. The wavy and wiggly shapes will also soothe teething babies as it allows them to gnaw and release tension.

Made of 100% natural organic Korean rice; there are no additives, sweeteners, or oil; making it ideal for little ones.

White Rice - 100% Organic White Korean Rice

Rich in carbohydrates, white rice is an essential source of energy.


Nutritional Information 30g/119kcal

Sodium 0mg (0%)

Carbohydrate 26g (8%)

Sugar 0g (0%)

Fat 0.5g (1%)

Transfat 0g

Saturated Fat 0g (1%)

Cholesterol 0mg (0%)

Protein 2g (4%)