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Rosy Organic Bye Bye Mucus Concentrate Sachet

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New Addition to the Bye Bye Mucus Family, the Concentrate Sachet!

Korean Bellflower Root is widely known to suppress cough and strengthen the respiratory system. We are glad to see how our Bye Bye Mucus series is so well-loved by numerous families in Singapore. From your raved-reviews based on actual experiences, we couldn't help but introduce another Bye Bye Mucus product that lets you enjoy the most benefits from the Bye Bye Mucus series!

With higher percentage of Korean Pear and Korean Bellflower Root content, we know that this will be a helpful product that you'll want to keep at home to give your little one's immunity a quick boost.

Bye Bye Mucus Juice and Tea acts as an everyday drink for your little ones (and even adults) to strengthen their respiratory system⁠. Keep Bye Bye Mucus Concentrate Sachets on standby at home for when children start showing symptoms of being under the weather! ⁠

Have it as a daily treat and say Bye Bye to cough, cold and runny nose!

To soothe sore throats, mix it with warm water or milk and enjoy! (tastes even better on rainy/cold days!)