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Pigeon SuperFast Steam & Dry Sterilizer

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Designed for the modern lifestyle where time is of essence, especially for working parents, this requires only 15 minutes for the complete sterilization cycle

  • Complete a full sterilization and drying cycle in only 15mins!
  • Speedy sterilization in just 5mins
  • Drip free dryness in 10mins
  • Keep item sterile for 24hrs without removing lid after sterilized
  • Large storage capacity that can hold up to 6 wide-neck nursing bottles & accessories
  • Microbiologically proven to kill 99.9% harmful bacteria effectively
  • Removable trays to allow flexibility, convenience and easy maintenance
  • Translucent lid allows clear view contents inside the sterilizer

How to Set-up and Use:
We encourage you to properly wash the Bottle Tray, Accessory Tray, Measuring Cup and Lid Cover with liquid cleanser or baby detergent, prior to first use. Before placing items in the sterilizer, wash all bottles and feeding accessories with Liquid Cleanser or Baby Detergent and rinse thoroughly with water before using the sterilizer.

Standby Mode: When the appliance is plugged in, all LEDs lights will flash for 0.5 seconds then it enters to standby mode
Automatic Sterilizing & Drying Mode: Press the Button one time for Automatic Sterilizing & Drying mode.
Sterilization Mode: Press the Button two times for Sterilization Mode Only. The red LED light switches on and the Sterilization steam cycle runs for approximately 5 minutes.
Drying Mode: Press the Button three times for Drying Mode only. The Blue LED light switches on and the Dry cycle runs for approximately 10 minutes.

How to Clean the Sterilizer:

  • After using, switch off the power plug and remove it from the power source.
  • Remove remaining residues from the equipment and dry clean with a piece of clean cloth.
  • DO NOT immerse the Heating Base in water.
  • Use a piece of soft clean cloth to gently wipe dry the all the parts and lid cover. It is recommended to clean your sterilizer once in every 3 days.
  • The filter can be removed and rinsed clean with water once a week. Make sure the filter is completely dry before inserting it back.
  • To prevent damage to the appliance, do not use alkaline cleaning agents. When cleaning, use a soft clean cloth and Liquid Cleanser.

How to Maintenance the Sterilizer:
Mineral residues may deposit on the heating plate after a few sterilization cycles. To avoid limescale from building up, wipe the surfaces with a soft clean cloth after each use.
Basic Maintenance (Using Lemon Juice Method)
1. Extract 160ml of lemon juice into a cup.
2. Pour onto the heating plate without boiling. DO NOT start any cycle of the sterilizer.
3. Leave it on for 30 minutes.
4. Use a soft clean cloth to remove remaining limescale.
5. Rinse with a cup of clean water and use a soft dry clean cloth to wipe dry.

Monthly Maintenance (Using Vinegar Method)
1. Mix 80ml of water and 40ml of vinegar into a cup.
2. Pour the solution on the heating plate & cover the sterilizer with the lid cover. Do not place other parts (bottle tray 6 accessories tray) during descaling.
3. Press the Button twice to Sterilize Function Only to boil for l minute 30 Seconds.
4. Switch OFF the main power & leave the sterilizer to stand for 30 minutes. CAUTION: Combined mixture is HOT.
5. With a clean soft cloth, wipe off any stains or limescales.
6. Drain & rinse sterilizer to wash away vinegar solution.
7. Pour 160ml of clean water, switch ON to run a full cycle. (AUTO Mode)
8. Switch OFF the main power, rinse & wipe clean the sterilizer.

Refer to product manual for more detailed information.

Part Material Heat Resistance
Lid Cover Polypropylene 120ºC
Accessory Tray
Bottle Tray
Measuring Cup
Filter Tray
Base Polypropylene 120ºC
Button Polypropylene 120ºC
Heating Plate Stainless steel

Keep appliance out of reach from children. When in use, the sterilizer contains boiling water and hot steam will escape from the vent in the Lid Cover. Never touch or open the Lid Cover, or stand over the appliance when in use. Do not fill below 160ml of water before the start of each sterilization cycle. Please refer to instruction manual for more information.