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Pigeon Retort Baby Food Fish Ball Chop Suey 80g

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Pouch type baby food that can easily be used at the table every day

Based on a dietitian’s recipe, pouch-style baby food is convenient for use at the table every day and contains neither food colouring nor flavouring. Quick microwave heating will allow you to serve your child right away.

  • No preservatives, food colouring or flavouring agents.
  • Based on dietitian’s recipe
  • Suitable for 12 months onwards
  • Salt content within recommended limit for babies
  • Made in Japan

How to use the product:
Pre-cooked and ready to eat. Please transfer it to a bowl and enjoy eating.
*Be aware that the heated food may spill out when removing the wrap.

In case of warming with hot water:

  • Place unopened pouch into pre-boiled hot water for 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove the pouch from hot water after 1-2 minutes. Insert a utensil into the hole on the corner of the pouch to assist with removal.
  • Open the pouch from the notch, transfer to a bowl, stir lightly and enjoy eating.

In case of heating in microwave:

  • Estimated heating time is 10-20 seconds at 500W or 600W.
  • Be sure to transfer the food to a microwave-safe container, cover with microwave-compatible wrap and heat it up. After heating, stir lightly and enjoy eating.
  • DO NOT use auto function of the microwave

The contents are hot after heating. Be careful when opening the package to avoid burns. Check temperature of food before feeding your child. The age indicated on the packaging is a guideline. The age indicated on the packaging is a guideline. Adjust the size and hardness of the food by crushing the ingredients as needed. Consume as soon as possible after opening. Do not feed leftovers, nor prepare food in advance for your child. Consult with experts on how to start the weaning process.

Water, Onion, Carrot, Corn, Green peas, Processed sardine (Sardine, Onion, Potato starch, Dried egg yolk, Ginger, Sugar, Salt), Thickener, Chinese cabbage paste, Green pepper paste, Chicken extract, Soy sauce (contains Soybean), Salt, Butter, Yeast extract, Sesame oil


*The egg yolk used as a raw material contains a small amount of egg white.
*The production line that processes sardines also manufactures products containing shrimp and wheat.
*Silver and black particles may be found in the processed sardines. These originate from fish skin, and are edible.
*The food may occasionally look cloudy. This is natural and has no bearing on its quality.

The product contains the following allergens:
Egg, Milk, Sesame, Soybean, Chicken