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Pigeon Natural Botanical Baby Travel Set

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Your baby’s delicate skin demands the right amount of nourishment and protection. Natural Botanical carefully selects ingredients from nature to strike this delicate balance. While doing so, it also treats Mother Earth with the same care and respect that it offers your little one.

This product contains:

1. Natural Botanical Baby Head & Body Wash - 45ml

A head-to-toe wash that cleanses your baby and nourishes its scalp. All the while maintaining the smoothness of your little one’s skin.

2. Natural Botanical Baby Water Gel (Day Moisturiser) 45ml

A light-weight moisturiser that is easy to apply, gets absorbed quickly and hydrates your baby’s skin in no time.

3. Natural Botanical Baby Milky Lotion (Night Moisturiser) 45ml

Offers 24-hour moisturization using a non-greasy formula. Soothes your baby's dry, itchy skin while they sleep.

4. Natural Botanical Baby Massage Oil 45ml

A lightweight oil to calm your baby and enable a good night’s sleep. It even moisturizes and nourishes the skin.