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Pigeon Baby Baby Snack Fish (2 Packs x 6g)

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Delicious and nutritious snack for baby to chew in their late stage of weaning.

For 7+ months. Delicious and nutritious snack for baby to chew in their late stage of weaning. It helps to develop and strengthen jaw muscles.
Let your little one munch on non-fried, calcium-rich snacks throughout the day!

  • Sachet packaging makes it easy to store and carry around
  • No food coloring agent, preservatives, flavoring agent.
  • Each pack contains 50mg of calcium which is needed for baby’s growth.
  • As the product can absorb moisture easily after opening, please consume as soon as possible


Non-glutinous rice (Domestic), Potato starch, Cornstarch, Salt, Sardine powder, Hijiki (Seaweed) powder, Wakame (Seaweed) powder, Rapeseed oil (contains Soybean), Calcium carbonate

The manufacturing factory of this product also produces food products that contain egg and milk.
The brown grains on the surface of the product are part of the ingredients.


Do not give this snack to your baby is in lying down or piggyback ride position. Always supervise your baby when he/she is having this snack. Do not let baby consume a lot at one time. Please adjust the amount put into baby’s mouth. Do not give this snack to baby when they are crying hard. When baby is eating the snack, prepare drinks such as water, juice or tea for them to drink while eating it. Recommended age is just a guideline. Introduce this snack based on your child’s development and pace. If baby is not used to eating the product, please give it only after soaking the snack in plain hot water.