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Pearlie White Enamel Safe Kids' Fluoride Toothpaste

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Enamel Safe Kid's fluoride toothpaste features a 99.78-percent natural formula with the remaining 0.22-percent in the form of sodium fluoride delivering 1000ppm of fluoride No chemical preservatives, no sulfates, no artificial coloring/flavoring. What it does have are natural ingredients like Calendula & Xylitol to help fight against plaque formation, Silica to gently remove tooth stains, Chamomile to provide antioxidant benefits and Strawberry for taste. With a relative dentin abrasively (RDA) count of under 30 (most adult toothpaste variants have an RDA value of above 100), it's suitable for children aged 2 years and up who need a gentle teeth cleaning experience. NO Animal Testing. MADE IN SINGAPORE.