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OraTicx Oral Probiotics - Kids

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OraTicx Kids Probiotics for Dental & Digestive Health

Support, Help, and Reinstate microbial balance of holistic oral health and digestive systems running smoothly for your little one.

For children 3-12 years old

PREMIUM DENTAL + DIGESTIVE PROBIOTIC STRAINS: Our high-quality probiotics help maintain normal gut comfort & function, plus our patented oral probiotic strains oraCMUTM and oraCMS1TM support healthy teeth & gums, natural immunity, and fresh breath.

ALL-IN-ONE PROBIOTICS FOR CHILDREN: Take multiple benefits from 5 Active probiotics for Oral and Gut Health. Oral health problems can be linked to poor digestive absorption and immune response. While the stomach is the engine. The mouth, tongue, gums, and teeth, are the initial conductors of energy to kickstart the digestion process.

BALANCE OF GOOD BACTERIA: Destroy bad bacteria and microbial communities without affecting the good bacteria too! Our oral probiotic strains are of human oral origin isolated from healthy kids' mouths. This 10 Billion CFU probiotic tablet carries a research-supported amount of GOOD dental and gut bacteria perfect for smaller tummies.

GREAT TASTING & NATURAL FLAVOR: Our probiotics are super easy and convenient to take. There is nothing artificial in our probiotics and there are no fillers. Natural vanilla and yogurt flavor.

NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED: New 3-Phase desiccant-lined bottle technology for shelf-stable probiotics! For children 3 years and older under adult supervision. Take 1 to 3 lozenges daily. Allowing it to dissolve slowly in the mouth is an effective method for receiving the benefits of this oral probiotic tablet.

OraTicx Kids is highly recommended for:

  • Child's holistic oral health
  • Dental caries
  • Bad breath
  • Occasional digestive upsets